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What Is A Business Valuation

Technically speaking, a business valuation is the independent and unbiased supportable opinion of the value of a business, business ownership interest, or security. A business valuation is required for a variety of purposes, which requires an experienced professional who has the experience needed to meet your specific needs. At Caprock Business Consulting, our business appraisals are performed by a certified business appraiser experienced in all aspects of business valuation. Our business valuations are performed in compliance with the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts®.

Our experience in business valuation gives you assurance that the appropriate methods are used to reach an a curate and reliable estimate of the market value of your business. Our strength in business valuation stems from our hundreds of business valuation reports utilized for litigation, filings with the InternalRevenue Service, Small Business Administration lending, and general consulting.



Our business valuation professionals have earned the Certified Valuators and Analysts® (CVA) designation, which is established by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® (NACVA®). The CVA is the only valuation credential accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies® (NCCA®), the accreditation body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence™ (ICE™).”

The CVA designation is an indication to the business, professional, and legal communities that recipients have met the rigorous standards of professionalism, expertise, objectivity, and integrity in the field of business valuation, financial consulting and litigation, and related consulting disciplines.


Our professionals have earned the Master Analyst in Financial Forensics® (MAFF) designation, which is established by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts®(NACVA®). The MAFF credential is designed to provide assurance to the legal and business communities that the designee possesses a level of experience and knowledge to provide competent and professional financial litigation support services.

Recipients must demonstrate an understanding of NACVA’s Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge, possess more than 2,500 service hours in business valuation or 1,500 service hours in litigation support, and pass a five-hour proctored exam. Recipients must understand the methodologies and approaches for calculating damages, financial investigative and forensic accounting techniques, and skills for communicating with judges, attorneys, and juries.

Understanding the Business

To properly value a business enterprise, we acquire a thorough understanding of every aspect of a company’s dynamics, including: management capabilities, company strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, the competitive environment, overall expectations for the marketplace, and future economic prospects for the industry and the economy in the region and as a whole. All of these elements affect the risk of ownership in a particular enterprise, and risk directly impacts value. Additionally, we analyze the inherent financial health of the enterprise and its future profit potential.

Sorting Through a Complex Process

Overall, the business valuation process is highly complex and requires a significant amount of time. Indeed, this is what is required to determine the true economic value of a privately-owned business enterprise, and this is what Caprock Business Consulting brings to your table. After a thorough analysis of all the company’s dynamics and its financial health, we select the most appropriate methodology from among the many accepted by the valuation industry, and apply a series of calculations and formulas to arrive at the ultimate conclusion of value.

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