Caprock’s breadth of experience and industry insight enables us to deliver value-added services, from strategy to execution. We help clients with the proper due diligence and provide solutions to enhance confidence in the decision-making process.

Value Maximization

Unlocking client’s maximum potential is the key to achieving long-term retirement, succession, and personal estate planning needs. We have been successful in helping already successful clients maximize profits and reach new value potential. We also help clients who are having financial distress by implementing turnaround strategies. Our services include personal in-depth evaluations and strategies to optimize your company’s cash flow, value, and growth.

Exit Planning

The future of you, your family, and your business are addressed by exit planning through creating value today. Exit planning is a business strategy. It assimilates your business, personal, and financial goals and serves as a guide for success. We help business owners focus on what they can do right now to achieve their ideal exit strategy.

According to data published by the Exit Planning Institute, only 20% of all businesses that go on the market will actually sell. A full 80% will not. According to a survey by the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors, 95% of M&A advisors indicated an owner’s perception of value compared to its real value is the No. 1 factor why businesses don’t sell. Additionally, businesses that transfer to family members are not immune to this issue. According to the Family Firm Institute, historical data shows that family businesses only have a 30% success rate after transferring the business to the second generation, 12% to the third generation, and 3% to the fourth and later generations.

Let us help you take the correct steps so your company is more attractive to potential buyers and ready to move into the next stage of its life cycle.

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